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Self-Paid Health Assessments

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  • A Nationwide Network of Health Assessments
  • Delivered by Leading Healthcare Providers
  • Over 2000 Clinics
  • Products and Prices to Suit the Individual

MyHealthDiscounts is an employee paid health assessment scheme run by Incorpore Limited, founded in 2001 and serves over 6 million employees.

It provides a range of services which empower employees to take control of their health by focussing on these four key areas of physical and mental health:
•    Health Assessments
•    Remote GP Appointments
•    Virtual Physiotherapy
•    Online Counselling

Our health network is comprised of the major health assessment providers including Bluecrest, London Doctors Clinic, GPDQ, BMI Healthcare, as well as Nuffield Health. A simple postcode search facility on the website means employees can obtain the discount and purchase directly.  

Our vision is to create a fitter, happier and more productive workforce, now and for future generations.