Why Choose MyHealthDiscounts?

Whether your company aims to lower sick days, reduce staff turnover, improve its image, increase productivity - or you simply understand that happier, healthier and fitter employees are good for business - MyHealthDiscounts is a voluntary benefit designed to do all of that, on demand and in your company branding.

Injuries and illness happen; it’s simply a fact of life. However, by encouraging employees to regain control of their health, they’ll recognise early warning signs, make lifestyle changes and develop long-lasting healthy habits that they can have assessed on a regular basis.

Research from the 2017 Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey revealed that employees lose, on average, the equivalent of 30.4 days of productive time each year as they take time off for sickness and underperform in the business as a result of ill-health. Businesses can no longer afford to reserve the privilege of health assessments for the Exec teams if they wish to tackle this issue. MyHealthDiscounts will enable employers to implement an inclusive and company-wide proactive approach to workplace health.  Prevention is better than cure.

MyHealthDiscounts provides a range of services which empower employees to take control by focussing on these four key areas of physical and mental health:
•    Health Assessments
•    Remote GP Appointments
•    Virtual Physiotherapy
•    Online Counselling

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Reduce absenteeism

Empowering employees to make informed lifestyle changes allows them to tackle health issues head on and reduce absences from work.

Improve productivity

A proactive approach to health and wellbeing can create a positive attitude and fitter employees, therefore improving productivity.

Attract and retain talent

By enhancing your benefits package you will attract and retain talent. It will also demonstrate that you care about your employees' wellbeing.

A happier workforce

Healthy employees are happier employees.

Employer duty of care

Providing employees with health assessments positions your company as a caring employer and builds a healthy business.

Reduce cost

Health and wellbeing programmes help reduce healthcare costs by allowing you and your employees to manage their current health status.